2 Minute Take | Amazon Selects NYC for HQ2; The Good & Bad


On Tuesday, Amazon announced the location of the long-anticipated second headquarters, nicknamed “HQ2.” Corporate leadership is intending to “split” the second location into TWO locations, New York City, NY, and Arlington, VA. A couple of quick thoughts on this move. The Good Amazon will stimulate both of the local economies and employ over 25,000 people…

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5 Men Who Inspire Me to Greatness

Direction of Life

Who you choose to follow will pave the most probable path of your life will take. I believe we should learn from people who have voyaged into the unknown, as their character has stood the test of time. They’ve been through life before. They have made mistakes. They are foraged by life’s pounding and wrenching.…

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Gary Vaynerchuk eBay Flip Challenge Part 1

Man looking at used books at flea market

About three weeks ago, Gary Vaynerchuk put out a series of videos called “Trash Talk.” Gary, as a CEO of Vayner Media, flips items from a garage sale. At 8 am on a Saturday morning, he drives out of New York City and hits the suburbs of New Jersey. Driving his Land Rover, he jumps…

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