Blueprint for a Successful Conservative Social Media Empire

neon light with social media icon

Social media is the digital manifestation of public thought. Persuasion, influence, and framing can happen at scale. This is the primary reason Obama and Trump sought to leverage these platforms in their political campaigns.  Popular social media companies are natural monopolies – the best platforms acquire the most users, and the more users a platform…

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Andrew Breitbart on Why Talk Radio was a Success on the Right (Rush Limbaugh) and a Failure on the Left

andrew breitbart on talk radio and rush limbaugh

Andrew Breitbart was a tenacious man of deep insight. He recognized how the apparatus of the media operated in his time. Breitbart was interviewed by Peter Robinson of the Hoover Institution in 2009. Robinson and Breitbart discussed the liberal influence of Hollywood, the role of the corporate media in society, and how overwhelming bias in news…

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Why is TV an Influence on Baby Boomers?

baby boomers watching tv at home

Baby boomers watch a lot of TV. Television is not only a huge part of the baby boomer experience but also drives purchase and voting decisions. What is a baby boomer? How much time do boomers spend watching TV? What do baby boomers watch? Why do baby boomers watch TV? Does TV viewing influence voting…

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Twitter Admin Panel Screenshots

twitter logo on smartphone

On July 15th, 2020 a hacker gained access to Twitter’s network to gain control over dozens of high-profile Twitter accounts. These accounts included business leaders, celebrities, and political actors like Barack Obama, Kim Kardashian, Jeff Bezos, and Elon Musk. Through a series of “double your bitcoin” scams, the hackers were able to steal $118,000 worth…

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Media Promotes FAKE NASCAR Noose Story

bubba wallace blm noose story

Over the weekend, a story was published on a “noose” found in black NASCAR driver Bubba Wallace’s garage before a race at Talladega Superspeedway in Alabama. Wallace’s team allegedly found the noose, and reported it to NASCAR officials, the media and Wallace himself. Both NASCAR and the media were outraged, writing op-eds about yet another…

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Twitter Adds “Fact Check” to Trump Tweets

Donald Trump vs. Twitter

On Tuesday, Twitter enabled a fact-check warning underneath a thread created by President Trump. The tweet was mentioning potential fraud done through mail-in ballots, to which Twitter applied a warning “Get the facts about mail-in ballots.” The warning links to both the Washington Post and CNN Politics as sources for the fact-check. This is the…

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Media Coverage of President Trump is 93% Negative

Media vs. President Trump

A new study originating from the Media Research Center analyzed coverage of ABC, CBS and NBC news channels over the last quarter of 2019. The measurements were taken over the first 100 days of the Democrats’ impeachment push, ranging from September 24 to January 1. Results were astounding: 93% of all coverage was found to…

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