Founding Fathers Speech

Millennials and Gen Z Can Save America

We are in a battle for the future of America.

Every day politicians are trying to subvert the American message with socialism, hatred of America and stifling political correctness.  They want to destroy the greatness of America and it's people - permanently.

Millennials and Gen Z hold the keys to the future.  Our generation can choose American freedom, liberty and prosperity.  History can look back on us as the hero of our time.  The culture war is worth fighting because we can save America together.

Millennial Pen is a platform advocating for the success of Millennials and Gen Z in life, politics and money.

Join the fight.

America is Worth Saving

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Obama and Clinton

Barrack Obama and Bill Clinton Would Never Survive Running in the 2020 Democratic Party

By Isaac Wiinanen | August 21, 2019

For people who grew up as conservatives in the late 2000s and 2010s, Obama represented a vision that was opposite of the traditional view of America. We always respected him as a president, but disagreed with him vehemently. For Democrats, Obama was almost God incarnate. His popularity among Democrats and Independents allowed him to serve…

Ninja Stream

Ninja is Building our Pro-Life Future

By Isaac Wiinanen | August 20, 2019

During a Fortnite Twitch stream in June, Ninja (real name Tyler Blevins) explained his mother was advised to have an abortion by doctors and medial professionals – all because they theorized he might have “spina bifida or Down Syndrome.” His mom said no and went forward with the birth. Several months later, Ninja was born…

Wife Grieving Fallen Soldier-min

Why We Stand for the Flag

By Isaac Wiinanen | August 20, 2019

I wake up every day excited and grateful to be living in America. When I see an American flag, I am humbled by the figures in history who have traded their time, luxuries and lives to give us an exceptional nation. The flag represents the unique ideas upon which our country was founded. It represents…

Gen Z will Save America

Gen Z Will Save America from Socialism, Globalism and Political Correctness

By Isaac Wiinanen | July 24, 2019

I believe history will remember Gen Z as the greatest generation since WWII.  In the 1960s, young people rebelled against their parents conservative views – today’s Gen Z is turning away from their parents left-wing viewpoints. Young conservatism is becoming the new counterculture.  Generation Z is considered to be the generation following Millennials, born between…

Universal Basic Income

2 Minute Take | Universal Basic Income

By Isaac Wiinanen | April 18, 2019

Universal Basic Income (UBI) is an economic idea that has been floated by both the left and niche libertarian groups in American politics. It has been brought back into public discussion by candidates for the 2020 elections, such as Andrew Yang. The core of UBI states each person has a right to a basic cash…

American Freedom

On the Shoulders of Giants

By Isaac Wiinanen | April 4, 2019

Why Living in America in 2019 is the Peak of Human Civilization If you live in America today, you live at the greatest time in human history. Western Civilization has birthed a level of security and prosperity that would not have been dreamt of 300 years ago. Each day we benefit from the ingenuity, determination…


2 Minute Take | Amazon Selects NYC for HQ2; The Good & Bad

By Isaac Wiinanen | November 15, 2018

On Tuesday, Amazon announced the location of the long-anticipated second headquarters, nicknamed “HQ2.” Corporate leadership is intending to “split” the second location into TWO locations, New York City, NY, and Arlington, VA. A couple of quick thoughts on this move. The Good Amazon will stimulate both of the local economies and employ over 25,000 people…

Direction of Life

5 Men Who Inspire Me to Greatness

By Isaac Wiinanen | November 9, 2018

Who you choose to follow will pave the most probable path of your life will take. I believe we should learn from people who have voyaged into the unknown, as their character has stood the test of time. They’ve been through life before. They have made mistakes. They are foraged by life’s pounding and wrenching.…

Man looking at used books at flea market

Gary Vaynerchuk eBay Flip Challenge Part 1

By Isaac Wiinanen | November 1, 2018

About three weeks ago, Gary Vaynerchuk put out a series of videos called “Trash Talk.” Gary, as a CEO of Vayner Media, flips items from a garage sale. At 8 am on a Saturday morning, he drives out of New York City and hits the suburbs of New Jersey. Driving his Land Rover, he jumps…

iPhone with Coffee

5 Life-Changing iPhone Apps

By Isaac Wiinanen | October 18, 2018

Well made apps are life changing. Okay, maybe that’s a little extreme. I do think great apps can save time and provide significant value. Today, I wanted to make a quick list on my top five most helpful apps on my iPhone that I would recommend downloading. Some are free, but others cost money. All…