Mexico is a Failed Narco-state and the United States Should Intervene

La Familia Cartel

Earlier this week, nine Americans were slaughtered by Mexican drug cartel gunmen in the mountains of Sonora, Mexico. Their families were caravanning to a wedding near the Chihuahua-Sonora border. The cartel ambushed three SUVs operated by the Americans, opening fire with rifles. Christina Johnson jumped out, waving her arms to show the cartels their families…

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Violent Men Have Always Kept our Nation Free

US Special Operators

Throughout the history of the United States, peace & justice has been kept through precise violence upon evil. Slaves were freed because men were willing to go into bloody warfare. The world does not live under the Third Reich because 18-year old American men were willing to take up arms against Nazis. These men still…

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ABC Shows Fake Footage from North Syria

ABC Fake Syrian Footage

The mainstream media might be the worst institution in the United States – even worse than public education and the universities. They have the ear of the country and routinely use their influence to push raw political narratives under the guise of truthful reporting. Most of the time, they report on true stories but cherry…

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