Radical New Bill Protects Immigrant Criminals from Deportation

ICE Detaning Criminal

A new bill sponsored by 44 House Democrats is probably the most extreme legislation proposed since the Green New Deal. Ilhan Omar and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez are also backing the bill – yet it’s getting very little attention. This new bill would rethink the traditional foundations of immigration and citizenship rights. It explicitly allows criminals to…

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2020 Census Omits Citizenship Question, Win for Democrats

2020 Census Citizenship Question

The 2020 Census in the United States began yesterday, on January 21. The census is required by the Constitution, and is used, among many things, for determining representation in federal government. The Trump administration has been trying to reinstate a citizenship question within the census. Liberal critics have been pushing back through lawsuits, which continue…

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Minnesota Churches Harbor Illegal Aliens from American Law Enforcement

Minnesota Churches Resist Law

The ISAIAH initiative is a network of Minnesota churches working to hide illegal aliens from US law enforcement. They advocate for “immigration justice,” meaning open borders. On their website they call for driver’s licenses for illegal aliens, funding legal defenses of aliens and working to remove ICE from Minnesota. ISAIAH also promotes political advocacy, including…

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