Blueprint for a Successful Conservative Social Media Empire

neon light with social media icon

Social media is the digital manifestation of public thought. Persuasion, influence, and framing can happen at scale. This is the primary reason Obama and Trump sought to leverage these platforms in their political campaigns.  Popular social media companies are natural monopolies – the best platforms acquire the most users, and the more users a platform…

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Twitter Adds “Fact Check” to Trump Tweets

Donald Trump vs. Twitter

On Tuesday, Twitter enabled a fact-check warning underneath a thread created by President Trump. The tweet was mentioning potential fraud done through mail-in ballots, to which Twitter applied a warning “Get the facts about mail-in ballots.” The warning links to both the Washington Post and CNN Politics as sources for the fact-check. This is the…

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Freedom is Always One Generation from Extinction

American Freedom

Oppressive tyrants, bloody war and living in constant fear is the rule, not the exception. The United States is a historical experiment in radical freedom. Our founders brilliantly crafted a government which prioritizes the rights of the individual over the tyranny of a monarch or demands of a mob-ruled, pure democracy. They created amendments entitling…

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YouTube De-Ranks Democratic Candidate Tulsi Gabbard

Tulsi Gabbard Democratic Candidate

On Tuesday, Steven Crowder (host of Louder with Crowder daily show) broke a story regarding Democratic candidate Tulsi Gabbard’s YouTube channel. Crowder broadcasted from his livestream and laid out allegations that YouTube is meddling in the US election process. Gabbard is a bit different from the other candidates because she is slightly more moderate, served…

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The Coming Storm: Big Tech Bias & Social Media Censorship of Conservatives

woman silenced by social media bias

The internet has changed humanity forever. Our world looks almost indistinguishable from our parents’ or grandparents’ world. Politics, relationships, religion and work are all fundamentally changed. To have a public voice, you must be online. America’s 2020 Presidential election will be one of the most contentious and divisive events in modern American political history. Turnout…

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