Freedom is Always One Generation from Extinction

American Freedom

Oppressive tyrants, bloody war and living in constant fear is the rule, not the exception. The United States is a historical experiment in radical freedom. Our founders brilliantly crafted a government which prioritizes the rights of the individual over the tyranny of a monarch or demands of a mob-ruled, pure democracy. They created amendments entitling…

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#ClimateStrike Hysteria

Climate Change End Capitalism

This morning, climate protesters are gathering in Washington, DC attempting to block and disrupt morning commuters. iPhone videos on Twitter show small crowds holding banners while stretching across busy intersections. Groups involved include DC Democratic Socialists of America, Extinction Rebellion DC and Black Lives Matter. Their stated goals (according to are to “transition off…

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POLL: 58% of 18 to 34 Year Olds Embrace Socialism; Majority Believe God, Patriotism and Having Children is Unimportant

Democratic Socialists Marching

An ABC article entitled “Some young Americans warm to socialism, even Miami Cubans” was published over the weekend. Covering the generational shift taking place in American politics, it speaks about young Americans wanting socialism in their country. The article follows a young Andy Vila, who is the son of Cuban immigrants. His family fled the…

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Gen Z Will Save America from Socialism, Globalism and Political Correctness

Gen Z will Save America

I believe history will remember Gen Z as the greatest generation since WWII.  In the 1960s, young people rebelled against their parents conservative views – today’s Gen Z is turning away from their parents left-wing viewpoints. Young conservatism is becoming the new counterculture.  Generation Z is considered to be the generation following Millennials, born between…

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