2020 Election Season: The Battle for America Begins

The 2020 Presidential Election is 11 months away. The last three years have gone by so quickly since the historical election of President Donald J. Trump in 2016. I remember voting at my tiny township building in rural Minnesota. I filled in my ballot for Donald Trump and placed it in the scanning machine. The rest of the evening, I left the TV off and went to bed early because, *whisper* I thought Clinton would win by a landslide. The next morning, I rolled over and turned over my phone to find dozens of alerts announcing “Fox News Calling the Election for Donald Trump.” There was hope for the future of America from an unlikely source.

Since then we have obliterated the ISIS caliphate, rebuilt our military and equipped ICE to strengthen our borders. The economy has set record high growth at 4% GDP with record low unemployment for Americans. President Trump has nominated excellent originalist judges and justices to positions of power across every level of the judiciary. Planned Parenthood has been defunded and pro-life causes have been bolstered at national & state levels. We have pulled out of the horrible Obama-era Iran Deal and placed crippling sanctions on the terror-funding state. Trump has deftly negotiated improved trade with the EU, Mexico and China. We are finally standing up for Israel by standing up to an anti-Semitic UN and moving the US embassy to Jerusalem.

The United States has finally reached energy independence after 75 years – becoming a net exporter of oil and reducing dependence on Middle Eastern OPEC oil. North Korean negotiations have fostered relative peace on the Korean Peninsula. President Trump is also hitting back at a dishonest media establishment that hates our values, our people and the foundations of our Republic. He is putting God back into the national vocabulary, calling on Providence to guide our nation. Trump has put our country first, and I’ve been impressed with his presidency.

The Democratic Party is trying to fundamentally change the value set in our nation. They want to shape it in their image, forever scarring our social and moral fabric. If Democrats get elected, free speech will be under attack on a governmental level; they have long shown support for “hate speech” laws. The right to keep and bear arms will be battled by a radical Leftist President, Senate and/or House. They will rekindle the slaughter of unborn children by funding Planned Parenthood and loosening restrictions on abortion, even through the third trimester. Candidates like Elizabeth Warren could send the entire economy into a depression through her radical socialist agenda and high tax policies.

America has an opportunity to make further strides toward greatness in 2020. We stand on a moral, political and spiritual precipice in history. President Trump has set a great record as President and the Democratic Party threatens the greatness of our nation, the prosperity of our people and the legacy of our God-given rights. Perilous times call for strong people to make decisive action for our future and our children’s future.

I fully endorse President Donald J. Trump for re-election in November of 2020.

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