Indiana Teacher Resigns after Self-Filmed Video Calling Parents “Terrorists” is Exposed

An Indiana teacher who called parents “terrorists” in a viral video has resigned from her teaching position, according to Libs of TikTok (@libsoftiktok) account on Twitter. The woman filmed herself clapping and singing an ‘ostinato’ (a short melody or pattern that is repeated) with multiple lines accusing concerned parents of being domestic terrorists. 

A parental source would confirm to Libs of TikTok the Indiana teacher had resigned her position, with Libs of TikTok saying on their Twitter account, “Was just informed that an Indiana teacher we exposed a few weeks ago has resigned. Huge W”

The original video was published by Libs on October 21st after receiving a tip from a parent.

In the video, the Indiana teacher can be heard saying, “Here’s your ostinato: Terrorists, Terrorists Purple for Parents are… Terrorists, Terrorists Purple for Parents are… While some had good intentions they all were misinformed, now threatening violence, doxxing teachers has become the norm. They come to school board meetings with lots of things to say but they will bully, cuss or scream If they don’t get their way.”

According to the website, Purple for Parents is an organization dedicated to “informing, advocating and engaging Hoosiers to protect children from harmful agendas saturating the education system”. They believe the teaching of values and norms should happen inside a family structure, rather than a government institution. 

Libs of TikTok has publicly called for followers to report the behavior of K-12 school teachers who teach critical race theory or gender theory in schools.

The Twitter account with 394,000 followers also announced an email address to send future leads.

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