Leftist Illustrator Creates Art Depicting Jesus as Abortion Clinic Escort

A self-proclaimed illustrator and cartoonist, Tatiana Gill, published a drawing called “With You Always.” The black-and-white piece depicts Jesus escorting a young woman to an abortion clinic to abort her unborn child. Gill published a similar drawing showing Jesus holding a woman’s hand while a doctor performs an abortion on the woman. After the drawings were released on Facebook and Twitter, Gill complained about being “trolled a lot” and that she had “no shame” and “no regrets” about these pieces.

According to Gill’s web page, the 45-year-old’s artwork focuses on “addiction & recovery, body positivity, social justice and mental health.” Artwork on the site shows “fat positive” illustrations, stickers and prints. There is also a section for “People’s Harm Reduction Alliance” showing how to “safely” use a heroin pipe. Gill also produces art for the Shout Your Abortion movement.

While Gill’s work is protected under the First Amendment, it is shameful, disgusting and evil. Using the person of Jesus to promote the murder of innocent babies is antithetical to Christianity and Western morality. People like Gill who pervert religion and celebrate the murder of babies as “good” are an enemy of life, family and country. Abortion is a stain on our nation’s legacy and we will be the generation to make abortion unthinkable.

PC: Tatiana Gill on Twitter.

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