POLL: 58% of 18 to 34 Year Olds Embrace Socialism; Majority Believe God, Patriotism and Having Children is Unimportant

An ABC article entitled “Some young Americans warm to socialism, even Miami Cubans” was published over the weekend. Covering the generational shift taking place in American politics, it speaks about young Americans wanting socialism in their country. The article follows a young Andy Vila, who is the son of Cuban immigrants. His family fled the socialist dictatorship, and his political activism for socialism upsets his right-wing mother and older family. Andy was a “Libertarian-style Republican” as a teen and was involved in a Republican congressional internship in early college.

What changed? College courses started to shift the way he perceived socialism. He attended left-leaning campus events, discovering “a Miami beyond his manicured suburban neighborhood.” Now, he wants Medicare for all, free access to higher education and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Green New Deal.

The Wall Street Journal published an article Sunday morning covering a new poll released on the “values gap” between generations. Only 42% of Gen Z and Millennials value patriotism (compared to 78% of Baby Boomers), 30% value religion/belief in God (67% of Boomers) and 32% value having children (53% of Boomers). Interestingly, older Democrats tend to have values that are closer to younger Republicans rather than young members of their party.

This is the challenge of our lifetime: to combat socialism, instill love of country and return to the values that made us great. We are up against a media/entertainment establishment that hates our nations founding principles, an education system that fully embraces Marxism (and can influence young minds, as seen with Andy) and a Democratic party that has shifted so far left. Two separate generations of the same party affiliation do not agree on basic values.

Free market capitalism, a belief in Providence and a shared vision of the greatness of America made our country great. We have an opportunity to recast this greatness in the story of our future. Your voice matters. Your passion can change a classroom, college, community and our nation. Saving America from socialism, globalism and political correctness will be the greatest feat of our generation.

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