7 Biggest Political Moments of 2019: Year End Review

As we approach the end of 2019, it’s worthwhile to look back at the most important moments in U.S. politics.

Let’s get into it:

Longest Government Shutdown in History

2019 began with the longest government shutdown in history. This happened when Congress could not agree on a budget and spending for President Trump’s border wall. The shutdown was ended in February when Trump declared a national emergency.

Virginia Governor & Democrats Publicly Support Third Trimester Abortion

At the end of January, Democratic Governor Ralph Northam made comments supporting third trimester abortion and “post birth abortion,” meaning infanticide. All 2020 Democrats running for President also came out in support for unrestricted access to abortion, including in the third trimester.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Releases Green New Deal

Openly socialist AOC released a radical “Green New Deal” in February. The document was praised by Democrats and progressives. The plan includes placing a ban on private cars, commercial airplanes, energy from fossil fuel sources and even livestock for the sake of “climate change.”

Donald Trump Continues with Policy Wins

President Trump had a good year for delivering on his campaign promises. He has continued to appoint constitutionalists to the judiciary with a whopping 120+ judges to district courts and 50 judges to appellate courts (not to mention 2 justices to the supreme court in past years). Unemployment is at an all-time low for all demographics in the United States. The stock market has been closing at all time highs.

Pro-Life Heartbeat Bills Passed

As the abortion debate heated up in 2019, conservative states passed Heartbeat Bills to protect children after a heartbeat can be detected, usually around 6 weeks. These states include Louisiana, Alabama, Missouri, Georgia and Ohio.

Jeffery Epstein Death

This is likely the most discussed moment in culture and politics within the United States. Prolific pedophile and financier Jeffery Epstein committed suicide in prison, according to official reports. The events surrounding his death have been suspicious and highly debated, leading many to believe Jeffery Epstein didn’t kill himself.

Russia-gate, Ukraine-gate and Impeachment

After the narrative of Russian collusion involving President Trump in 2016 fell apart and the Muller report found no conclusive evidence to pin on the Trump administration, the Democrats launched into a new attack: quid-pro-quo in Ukraine. The Democrats successfully impeached Donald J. Trump in 2019, with the articles heading to the Senate in 2020.

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