Bipartisan Back to Work Plan Unveiled by Congress

The Problem Solvers Caucus, a group of 50 House members from both sides of the aisle, has released a checklist for reopening America. The list contains both economic and public health objectives to be achieved in the next several weeks.

Read the checklist published by Fox News here.

The public health portion of the checklist calls for rapid testing, personal protective equipment, hospital surge capacity and workplace standards when reopening happens. It admits we will have to open America without a vaccine in the short term, but reiterates the fact we need proper social distancing and hospital capacity to achieve this goal.

The economic portion calls for resilient supply chains, financing for business, elimination of regulatory burdens, rental stabilization and agricultural relief. Throughout the Coronavirus shutdown, the supply chain has been a constant source of anxiety for government and business leaders. The plan calls for the identification of critical areas of the economy and bringing back these supply chains to the United States (critical minerals, pharmaceuticals, medical equipment, etc).

Americans must get back to work. 22 million have filed for unemployment – the largest number in the history of our nation. Having a bipartisan team working toward this goal is fantastic. Even better, a bipartisan team working to shore up strategic American interests including bringing back parts of the supply chain is an excellent win.

PC: Danner.

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