Canadian Elections 2019: Censorship is on the Ballot

Our northern neighbors are having a federal election today in which they will decide their future Prime Minister. Running for reelection is head of the Liberal party, Justin Trudeau. He was embroiled in a national scandal several weeks ago when footage of him in blackface emerged from his early professional days. Known for an emphasis on diversity programs and social justice, Trudeau has marked his brand on being a tolerant, politically correct liberal. Running against the Liberal party is the Conservative party, lead by former House speaker Andrew Scheer. Scheer is seen as an establishment, milk toast conservative without much flare (similar to a Bush or Romney candidate here in the U.S.).

One major consequence of this election is the possibility of censorship of Canadian social media, which is what Liberals plan to do if they are reelected to a government majority. An official reply is chilling: “To help stop the proliferation of violent extremism online, we will move forward with new regulations for social media platforms starting with a requirement that all platforms remove illegal content, including hate speech, within 24 hours or face significant financial penalties…” To be clear, Trudeau and his party are calling for harsh crackdowns on content deemed “hate speech” by the Liberal party. For the thousandth time, the category of “hate speech” is dangerous and incomplete because it’s inherently subjective. People are not free to speak their minds, but are ordered to fall in line with the power structure. If Trudeau tells you that men are women, you must comply.

Canada desperately needs a new Prime Minister and majority government. If Trudeau is reelected, it will be four more years of political correctness jammed down on Canadians. The nation of Canada needs to stand up to radical Leftism. If you live in Canada and are of age . . . go vote.

PC: Toronto Star.

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