#ClimateStrike Hysteria

This morning, climate protesters are gathering in Washington, DC attempting to block and disrupt morning commuters. iPhone videos on Twitter show small crowds holding banners while stretching across busy intersections. Groups involved include DC Democratic Socialists of America, Extinction Rebellion DC and Black Lives Matter. Their stated goals (according to strikedc.org) are to “transition off of fossil fuel,” “decolonize and democratize our economy” and “achieve Climate Justice.”

The DC disruption comes off the heels of Friday’s “Climate Strike,” when thousands of schoolchildren and college students skipped school to protest climate change. Teenagers screeched into microphones about the earth “ending in 12 years if we don’t take immediate action.” An eleven-year-old girl speaking at a DC rally stated that climate change is also about gun activism, LGBTQ+ rights, giving teachers a pay raise and voting Donald Trump out of office in 2020. Teens carried signs calling for an end to capitalism & promoting socialism. In honor of the climate strike, Portland Antifa used the event to attack a local ICE facility, throwing rocks and projectiles at law enforcement.

I am starting to suspect the climate strike involves more than recycling and driving green cars. It’s a Leftist, activist political movement disguised as “climate activism.” Teachers are extremely progressive, especially in large urban areas. They have power to influence the minds of children and make them become anxious about the future. They manipulate children for political gain by generating hysteria and avoiding actual facts.

Free market capitalism will get us cleaner energy in the future. Capitalism is responsible for creating historically great living standards, longer life expectancy and even reducing pollution and emissions. Energy options such as nuclear power have major promise as we go into the future. But these common-sense options are never brought up by climate activists. Why? Climate activism is less about solutions and more about attaining political power through hysteria, manipulating children and mindless protesting.

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