SpaceX and Tesla CEO Elon Musk came out in favor of the reopening of America in a series of tweets Wednesday morning.  Musk started by tweeting out a link to a Wall Street Journal opinion piece in which the author presents data showing the lockdowns are not worth the cost. He followed up with another article from the Texas Tribune stating Texas would begin re-opening on Friday, to which Musk replied “Bravo Texas!” Capping the thread, he said in all caps “FREE AMERICA NOW.”

Musk’s encouragement comes amidst a nation-wide debate on when, how and where to re-open. Governors have had different standards state-by-state. Places like North Dakota, Texas, Georgia and Oklahoma have shown a greater desire to re-open. States like California, Maryland and Kentucky have “indefinite” stay-at-home orders. A senior economic advisor to the White House said unemployment may reach 16% to 20% by June – the highest spike since the 1930’s.

President Trump has been trying to balance public health, economic growth and the concept of federalism with the coronavirus shutdown. He has signaled support for re-opening, but also wanted to avoid a major “second wave” of infections (which may be inevitable). His re-election campaign has shifted some of the messaging, due to unprecedented times. The White House has said “We built the greatest economy in the world—and together, we will build it again!” President Trump must beat the odds before the election or face the challenge of re-election without a strong economy.

PC: CNN Money.

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