Fake Story Bought by a Fake News Media…Again

Last week, most of the major news outlets reported on a story out of Montgomery County, Maryland. The original story covered a traumatized Amari Allen, a black girl who had her dreadlocks “forcibly cut” by several white male classmates at Immanuel Christian school. She was held down by the boys as they removed her hair, calling her hair “nappy” and “ugly.” They told her she “shouldn’t have been born” and accused her of being an “attention seeker.” One of the boys covered Amari’s mouth while another took a pair of scissors to her dreadlocks. Karen Pence, wife of Vice President Pence, also happens to teach part time at Immanuel Christian School – noted by most of the mainstream media organizations.

The problem with the story? All of the allegations are false. The story is fake. After the media highlighted the awful behavior of the boys and how this was yet another example of racism occurring in “Trump’s America,” Amari recanted the story, admitting she made up the accusations. Large networks had to run redactions in their stories stating the story was false, much to their chagrin.

This story follows a line of fake stories including Jussie Smollett (who faked an attack by Trump supporters in Chicago) and the Covington High School boys (who were falsely accused by the media of racism and bigotry). Why do these stories get so much traction so quickly? The media CRAVES any story where a white/male/Christian/Trump supporter is oppressing a black/minority/female in the name of racism or hatred. They are projecting a narrative they want be true: that racism is a massive problem in 2019 and it stems from white, conservative, Christian boys. As a result, the media latches onto stories – even if the evidence is weak.

Many people criticize President Trump for calling the mainstream media “fake news.” I am 100% on board with his characterization of most media outlets. They are the PR wing of the Democratic Party. Motivated by a political agenda, they manipulate, lie and push false narratives. It’s despicable and tears at the social fabric of America. The media needs to be called out for what it is . . . fake news.

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