Freedom is Always One Generation from Extinction

Oppressive tyrants, bloody war and living in constant fear is the rule, not the exception. The United States is a historical experiment in radical freedom. Our founders brilliantly crafted a government which prioritizes the rights of the individual over the tyranny of a monarch or demands of a mob-ruled, pure democracy. They created amendments entitling citizens of the United States to own a gun, speak freely, assemble at will, etc. These rights have not existed anywhere else in the world.

A poll came out this week showing 60 percent of Americans favor restricting free speech, with 51 percent wanting the First Amendment to be rewritten to “reflect the cultural norms of today.” 60 percent of Millennials believed the Constitution “goes too far in allowing hate speech” and should be rewritten. Of the Millennials polled, 54 percent supported the idea that violators of proposed criminal “hate speech” laws should face jail time.

Freedom is always one generation from extinction because decadence breeds ignorance. Our generation has grown up in the most extravagant time in the most free place in history. We are stupid. We are uneducated on our past. We are ignorant of the foundations allowing us to live amazing lifestyles. Giving up our rights to free speech for the sake of “politeness” or political correctness is so insane – it’s farcical.

The good news? Ignorance can washed away. Our generation needs renewed historical perspective and cultural leaders who champion freedom. I believe we can change the direction of our culture. Conservatives, Republicans and the right in general have done a terrible job in the past of influencing culture. We tend to focus on tax rates, GDP growth and making political wins (all very important, don’t get me wrong). But politics is downstream of culture. This is why we are going into the 2020 elections against SOCIALISM. Colleges, schools and Hollywood have been teaching hatred of capitalism and traditional values.

We cannot continue to win politically without winning culturally.

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