Why Globalism Undermines Patriotism

President Trump spoke at a UN gathering in New York last week and delivered a message which punched at the philosophical gut of international leaders; “The future does not belong to globalists. The future belongs to patriots.”

What is globalism? It’s a philosophy embraced by the international Left that rejects the values and worth of your own country for the sake of “international citizenship.” Globalism celebrates multi-national organizations like the UN and EU. Globalists scoff at the idea of patriotism, believing it’s old fashioned, nationalistic and racist to support the greatness of your own country. They believe borders are morally wrong and “international cooperation” is the key to the future.

One of my biggest pet peeves with the Obama administration was his policy of moving America toward globalism by apologizing to the world for “America’s mistakes.” Obama painted us as reckless fools who have no right to guide the global conversation. He believed most of the world’s problems were caused by America. Through bowing to international bodies like the UN, he believed we could “right our wrongs.” President Trump has been rejecting this false message by reemphasizing the greatness of America on the world stage. He amplifies what conservatives have been saying for decades: America is the hope of the world.

Globalism destroys the idea of history, heritage and values. It forces you to sacrifice the individual greatness of America for citizenship in the “global community.” President Trump has made it clear: we are to remain a great, independent nation that stands for freedom, liberty and sovereignty.

Obviously, trade of goods & services with other nations benefits our economy. Forming alliances helps hold together world peace. But we must put America first. When America is successful, the world is successful. We should never sacrifice America’s strength and greatness to the altar of globalism.

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