What is the $12M Greenland Strategy?

The Trump administration announced on Thursday a $12M aid package for economic development to Greenland. As reported by ABC news, officials have said the aid is for “sustainable” economic development, focused in particular on developing energy and natural resources, expanding educational exchange, and boosting Greenland’s fledgling tourism industry. The Prime Minister of Greenland Kim Kielsen sounded optimistic about the relationship, saying, “This good news confirms that our work on building a constructive relationship with the United States is fruitful. It is positive that the increased cooperation between Greenland and the U.S. is reflected in tangible results in the form of funding for projects in Greenland.”

Greenland is the largest ice sheet in the arctic with vast rare mineral resources, 13% of the world oil reserves, 30% of the world’s natural gas reserves and a strategic position to push back against China and Russia. President Trump announced his desire to purchase the island last August, with Danish officials laughing it off as a joke (Denmark owns Greenland). Thursday’s announcement comes as a subtle nudge in the direction of sustaining a strong relationship with Greenland. According to ABC, “ . . .the aid was welcomed by Greenland’s government, the offer has angered some Danish lawmakers . . .”

Forward thinking leadership should make play’s not only for the current battlefield – but the future battlefield. Russia and China have already been looking for ways to position themselves in the arctic. The United States purchasing Greenland would be one of the most strategic investments in our history. Real estate is always valuable because “God isn’t making any more of it” to quote an old saying. Spending $12M to foster a strong relationship with the people and leadership of the island is an excellent start.

PC: Reuters, Jack Posobiec via Twitter.

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