Jesus is King: Why Kanye West Can Shift American Culture

Kanye West, famous rapper, pop culture icon and businessman, released a gospel album last Friday titled Jesus is King. The release was preempted by Kanye hosting “Sunday Services” focusing on aspects of the Christian gospel. Each song in the album centers around fundamental aspects of Christianity, with titles such as “Every Hour,” “Selah” and “Jesus is Lord.” The style and content of his album is a massive departure from the music he has created in the past.

Kanye has come out in support of conservative principles, free thinking and support of President Trump. He has expressed his gratitude for finally “being free” of the Leftist group-think pervading his culture. In a recent interview he pointed out, “Last year, [white liberals] tried to tell me who to vote for because I’m black. This year, white liberals are trying to tell me who to vote for because I’m Christian . . . it’s not a matter of whether you like it or whoever likes [Kanye’s support of Trump]. We live in a country were we are allowed to like whatever we want.” He also expressed his vision for financial responsibility, stating people should use their money to purchase smart, lasting, legacy-building investments such as real estate or land, instead of expensive cars, drugs and a lifestyle that can end in prison. Kanye even plans to manufacture his Yeezy shoes in the USA to show support for American manufacturing.

Some Christians and those on the right are skeptical of Kanye’s conversion to conservatism and Christianity. Kanye doesn’t always articulate theological points with the deft of a seasoned pastor. He doesn’t speak conservatism in a way you and I are accustomed to. Kanye is also making money off of “Jesus is King,” leading people to believe he is simply doing this for the money. He is still learning, growing and changing. Kanye could be the perfect, imperfect vessel to carry a message that will change our culture for good. Kanye has a completely different realm of influence than someone like Ben Shapiro. Could Kanye be co-opting conservatism and Christianity for attention and money? Maybe! But I am willing to take the risk for the potential game-changing upside this could have on our culture.

Give Ye a shot.

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