Make Marriage Great Again: Why America Needs Strong Families & Marriages

American conservatism is about preserving the elements of a well-functioned society & defending the great traditions, ideas and liberty which built this country. Christian cultures bestow greatness because they hold natural order and the leading of God in high esteem. Marriage is an institution under attack by the Left. Since the 1960s, feminists and post-modern philosophers have told us marriage is unnecessary and even harmful. They tell women to avoid marrying and focus exclusively on their career. The Left tells men to avoid responsibilities like marriage, raising a family and building wealth. “The patriarchy is oppressing you with toxic norms,” they say.

The inevitable result of a nihilistic, self-focused and anti-tradition generation is degradation and depression. Millennials are statistically the most depressed generation – even with the most material opportunity in all of history. We have lost our purpose. Our lives are about watching life via technology rather than building a life through family. As a result, many are turning to Leftism, environmentalism and socialism for meaning. They pursue highly religious forms of extremism in practice (just look at the recent climate strike). These young Leftists trash their parents and classic American philosophy. Rejecting God, authority and tradition, they march toward an “enlightened” understanding of the world.

The value of marriage and family cannot be understated. Marriage is the institution upon which the West has been built. Men and women are created to complement one another in their strengths and weaknesses for the purpose of strong relationships. These strong relationships create great businesses, communities and leads to children. When kids have a mom AND dad present in their lives, they are far more likely to succeed in life and avoid prison.

These concepts are politically incorrect. Being anti-feminist and pro-women is politically incorrect. Saying men aren’t women is politically incorrect. Standing for moral order in society is not popular. But I believe as young conservatives we should lead by example. I believe we can save our culture by embracing the institutions of the past in the context of the 21st century. Marriage, family and greatness should be a respected goal.

Make marriage great again.

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