Media Coverage of President Trump is 93% Negative

A new study originating from the Media Research Center analyzed coverage of ABC, CBS and NBC news channels over the last quarter of 2019. The measurements were taken over the first 100 days of the Democrats’ impeachment push, ranging from September 24 to January 1. Results were astounding: 93% of all coverage was found to be negative of the President and/or his policies. The study also found that 74% of coverage was focused on impeachment, with subjects such as ISIS, North Korea, immigration, trade, the economy and troops in Syria receiving a fraction of allotted airtime.

President Trump ran his campaign in 2016 on lambasting the mainstream media. He understood the underlying Leftist bias of journalists, anchors and media CEOs. Trump was willing to take a step Republican politicians have been terrified of doing: attack the mainstream media head-on. Spineless Republicans and RINOs (Republican in name only) pander, beg and plead for any scraps of positive coverage. They are even willing to throw other conservatives under the bus to gain “respect” from the media. President Trump ignored this stupid status quo and called them “fake news” to their faces.

Never, ever back down to the media. They are dishonest liars who do not serve the interests of the American people. Our generation will eventually enter the political arena and the media will likely still be using the same gross tactics. We will need continuing resolve, solid conviction and a willingness to value truth over the media’s praise.


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