Minnesota Churches Harbor Illegal Aliens from American Law Enforcement

The ISAIAH initiative is a network of Minnesota churches working to hide illegal aliens from US law enforcement. They advocate for “immigration justice,” meaning open borders. On their website they call for driver’s licenses for illegal aliens, funding legal defenses of aliens and working to remove ICE from Minnesota. ISAIAH also promotes political advocacy, including “gender justice,” “guaranteed healthcare for all” and a “system of finance where everyone can access wealth.”

Some of the churches in the ISAIAH network were interviewed by Southwest Journal in Minneapolis, MN. They acted in response to President Trump suggesting the deportation of criminal aliens. These churches found this enforcement of the law reprehensible and made plans to resist the administration’s efforts. ISAIAH members do not take IDs when hosting illegal aliens and do not verify their background. Some parishioners have left the church over these policies, according to the interview.

These churches are taking highly partisan action in the name of social justice. ICE is not evil. To the contrary, they remove dangerous criminals and traffickers from the streets of America – regardless of race, gender or national origin. Acting as though this is Nazi Germany coming after the Jews is nonsensical and ignorant of history. In trying to be “compassionate,” these churches may be harboring individuals who traffic 8-year-olds for sex. Extreme social justice has perverted the utility and purpose of urban churches. The purpose of the American church should be to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ, not intentionally subvert American law by hiding criminal fugitives.

PC: Public News Service.

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