Why Mitt Romney, Justin Amash and David French Miss the Point

All three of the listed individuals are prominent in the conservative community. Mitt Romney is a Republican Senator from Utah and ran for President back in 2012. Justin Amash is a former Republican representative from Michigan who left the GOP to become an independent this year. David French is a well-known former columnist at the conservative site National Review and is launching a new conservative site called The Dispatch.

What do all three have in common? They all heavily oppose the policy prescriptions & character of President Trump. All three individuals believe the President is unfit for office and have supported a form of impeachment. Romney is likely to vote to remove Trump in the Senate and Amash has already sided with Democrats in the House. French has penned pieces in Time magazine and National Review supporting the impeachment inquiry started by Nancy Pelosi. They say we must be “principled” and reject Trump’s “character.”

I held some of their concerns before the 2016 election. I was worried Donald Trump would not govern as a conservative. He was brash and didn’t talk like a “good” conservative. He engaged a lifestyle opposite of my believe system. However, my grandpa had some great advice before the election – “if there’s even a chance Donald Trump could appoint judges who would support life and rights for the unborn, it’s worth the gamble.” My grandpa recognized the self-defeating principles of the pompous, virtue-signaling, Romney-wing of the Right. He knew the stakes. He did not let the perfect become the enemy of the good.

Too many on the right (especially those with an elite or religious background) want to play their own game of politics, rather than the game that’s on the board. They love to abstain from messy decisions under the guise of retaining their “integrity.” In my opinion, this is a distasteful form of arrogance & ignorance in the face of evil. I believe conservatives need to put on their adult pants and make decisions for liberty, life and our nation – even if it’s messy and involves voting for Donald Trump.

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