NYU Professor the Architect of J31 Subway Protests

Amin Husain, 44, is a professor at NYU and the co-founder of Decolonize This Place. His work and “activism” promoted a social media campaign to “f*ck sh*t up” on the last day of January. The assault on New York City’s MTA system resulted in 13 arrests and $100,000 in damage. These criminal anarchists poured glue into metro card readers, used chains to keep gates open and spray painted “F*ck Cops” on the station walls.

According to the New York Post, Husain has recently scrubbed his social media, making it difficult to pinpoint the exact ways he was involved in the underground chaos. Husain teaches militant activism and radical ethos at NYU (according to the school website). The Decolonize This Place website run by Husain is self described as a grass-roots social justice organization. The website contains manuals on anarchy, including a diagram of “How to Shut Down the City.”

Husain is a former lawyer and received a Master’s of Law degree from Columbia University. He has held prominent positions, especially in the field of college education. He also teaches a workshop labeled “Art, Activism, and Beyond” at NYU’s Gallatin School for Individual Study. This course “interrogates the relationship between art and activism.” Alumni of this college include actors Roony Mara and Dakota Fanning.

Behind these anarchist movements, you will find people of prominence pulling the levers. Investors like George Soros will donate money to these causes and movements to destabilize American cities and incite urban youth. Having an NYU professor leading a violent anti-police, anti-authority, anti-capitalist movement may look odd, but it falls directly into the ideological worldview of these elite New York Leftists.

PC: New York Post.

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