Project Veritas Exposes CNN Bias

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Project Veritas is a journalistic organization that specializes in undercover whistleblowing. On Tuesday, Veritas released a massive bombshell with recordings and video from inside the media center and executive offices of the CNN corporation. Cary Poarch, CNN satellite uplink technician with many connections inside the corporation, was willing to go undercover to expose the blatant bias he observed.

Poarch recorded several daily 9am calls lead by Jeff Zucker, President of CNN. The calls show Zucker directing the heads of his departments to solely focus on the impeachment of President Trump – and ignore other stories. He goes on to say Fox News is “fake news” and is “beyond destructive for America.” Zucker orders his employees to “knock off” any “friendliness” toward Republican Senator Lindsey Graham.

There is a lot more information in the recordings, including who CNN is pushing for in the Democratic nomination race. The thing that is condemns CNN the most is not the bias, but hypocrisy. They actively pitch themselves as an impartial, unbiased and factual news source. Cynical conservatives like myself have called CNN biased and anti-conservative for a long time – way before President Trump started calling them “fake news.” These recordings just confirm our beliefs that CNN is heavily biased even while calling themselves “fair and unbiased.” It’s textbook gaslighting. CNN truly is fake news.

Project Veritas Expose CNN Part 1
Project Veritas Expose CNN Part 2


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