Radical New Bill Protects Immigrant Criminals from Deportation

A new bill sponsored by 44 House Democrats is probably the most extreme legislation proposed since the Green New Deal. Ilhan Omar and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez are also backing the bill – yet it’s getting very little attention.

This new bill would rethink the traditional foundations of immigration and citizenship rights. It explicitly allows criminals to move to the U.S. and settle in our nation with permanent immunity as a protected class. The bill focuses on felony convictions that would send a citizen to prison for years. Under current U.S. law, immigrants can be deported if they commit an “aggravated felony” or a crime of vile depravity, such as molesting children. This bill ensures these monsters are allowed to stay in our country.

Criminal sentencing is normally used when determining deportations. The new bill would raise the standard from one year to five years, meaning most crimes like car theft, weapons offenses, certain cases of child abuse, manslaughter and rape would not require deportation. Even if a criminal sentencing is over 5 years, the bill gives explicit power to immigration judges to invalidate a deportation order. Do you think California judges will be tough or lenient on immigrant criminals?

With the new bill, drug crimes abroad will have zero effect on the ability of those criminals to immigrate to the U.S. Drug cartel leaders could come to America illegally and it would not be a crime. They would also not be deported, because the bill also decriminalizes illegal entry to America – even by those already deported. The reason? The bill states criminalizing illegal entry to the U.S. is “white supremacist.” The bill would also use American tax money to bring previously deported criminals BACK to America. Progressives are claiming this as a new right, “the right to come home.”

While such a bill is unlikely to pass in the current Congress, imagine the possibilities if the Democratic Party regained control. This country would be unrecognizable, lawless and an open-borders dumpster fire. The Left does not care about the needs and desires of Americans. Their goal is to fundamentally transform the fabric of this nation – one bill at a time.


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