Straight Pride Parades are Stupid . . . And That’s the Point

Last Saturday, a “Straight Pride” parade was held in Boston, organized by a group called Super Happy Fun America. The parade’s grand marshal, Milo Yiannopoulos, is openly gay and anti-political correctness. Around two hundred people showed up to support the parade, while thousands of leftist Boston locals showed up to protest the parade. Donning clown outfits, shark suits, MAGA hats and carrying “Straight Lives Matter” signs, the parade marched down the streets of Boston while protesters threw eggs, dirt and coffee cups at the marchers and police. 36 leftist counter protesters were arrested for assaulting and throwing urine at police officers. Progressive congresswoman Ayanna Pressley set up a bail fund for those arrested because they were “protesting a racist, fascist demonstration.”

Very few of the marchers are actually serious about “straight pride.” Dressing in clown outfits and shark suits makes them look ridiculous. The grand marshal is an openly GAY man. This is intentional. The parade was a joke – a litmus test on intersectional politics. Yet the mainstream media, Boston residents and progressive members of Congress took it seriously as a “racist, fascist demonstration” rooted in “bigotry.”

My biggest takeaways from this parade are (a) the Left has zero sense of humor and (b) the “tolerant” Left are some of the most hateful, intolerant people in our nation. The parade brilliantly mirrored the dynamics of the LGBTQ+ pride movement – it’s more about politics than actual sexual preference.

The effectiveness of this parade was to be measured on the reaction of the Left. Not being able to tell their hand from their face, Leftists took the bait. A small group dressed as clowns and sharks triggered thousands of Boston residents to spend their Saturday . . . protesting a joke.

PC: NBC News.

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