Twitter Adds “Fact Check” to Trump Tweets

On Tuesday, Twitter enabled a fact-check warning underneath a thread created by President Trump. The tweet was mentioning potential fraud done through mail-in ballots, to which Twitter applied a warning “Get the facts about mail-in ballots.” The warning links to both the Washington Post and CNN Politics as sources for the fact-check. This is the first time in history Twitter has countered a tweet from the President of the United States.

Beyond the story lies a deeper question: should Twitter counter the flow of information from the president? And what will Trump actually do about this? Outside of Senator Josh Hawley proposing legislation and Trump tweeting, no real advances have been made on the Big Tech/Free Speech battlefield. Twitter is obviously trying to manipulate how you experience the flow of data and information on their site leading up to November.

The Left and some conservatives have defended Twitter, saying it’s their “right” as a “private company” to censor whom they please. But others have recognized the overwhelming control Twitter and other companies have over narrative, reporting and ultimately, truth itself. Do we want to live in a world where Big Tech controls reality? You decide.

As far as strategy is concerned, Twitter taking action against the president is one of the best things to happen, “squeaky wheel gets the oil.” President Trump has been lax on Big Tech’s control and this may prod him to take action. More than likely this will all subside by next week, but it’s yet another reminder *they* control what you see, experience and believe.

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