Trump Impeachment 2.0

At the top of every headline and Twitter trend right now is the news of Nancy Pelosi opening a formal probe into the impeachment of President Trump. This is actually a very nuanced and complicated discussion. I will try to break down what is happening.

Historical context: Democrats have been out to destroy the Trump administration at every turn. They wanted to impeach President Trump on “Russia gate” without any hard evidence or facts. Progressives almost derailed the confirmation of Justice Brett Kavanaugh over fake allegations of sexual assault and rape. They have been looking for ways to sink this presidency since it began in 2016. The newest “scandal” is no different.

The facts are still coming out, which makes explaining this complicated story even more difficult. Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, was a board member of a Ukrainian natural gas company when Joe Biden was Vice President of the United States. A Ukrainian prosecutor was in the process of investigating Hunter for possible corruption. Vice President Biden told the Ukrainian government they would not receive American loan grants (basically aid) until the prosecutor was removed from his position. Biden claims the motivation for the firing stemmed from internal corruption in the prosecutor’s office, not his son Hunter. President Trump, suspicious of this event, called the Ukrainian government and asked them to investigate the case of Hunter Biden further. Democrats are claiming Trump withheld more American aid to Ukraine as a negotiating tactic to get this information. Since Biden is now his political opponent, this makes the alleged tactic illegal. They claim this is a “quid pro quo,” meaning money for a favor.

MY OPINION: This will turn out to be politically helpful to Donald Trump for several external reasons. Historically, impeachment is not popular with the American people. When Republicans impeached Bill Clinton, there is evidence it actually damaged Republican candidates. Americans are also sick of Trump-Russia conspiracy theories. Public opinion polls have been showing less and less support for Trump’s impeachment. Also, since Joe Biden is heavily involved in this story, it will likely drag his campaign down as well – a boost to the Trump campaign because Biden is the only candidate who beats Trump in all available polling data.

The progressive, activist base of the Democratic party has been wanting this for a long time. Nancy Pelosi finally gave in – but I suspect she has reservations. Nancy Pelosi is actually very clever and has been resisting impeachment for a because it may hurt them politically. She finally caved and the insane wing of the Democrats are officially running the asylum.

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