Trump Speaks “These are Acts of Domestic Terror”; Vows Action

President Donald Trump addressed the nation on justice for George Floyd and informed the public of his intent to crack down on rioting and anarchy. He said, “All Americans were rightly sickened and revolted by the brutal death of George Floyd . . . my administration is fully committed that for George and his family, justice will be served.” Going on, he touched on the source of the chaos, “But in recent days, our nation has been gripped by professional anarchists: violent mobs, arsonists, looters, criminals, rioters, ANTIFA, and others. A number of state and local governments have failed to take necessary action to safeguard their residents.”

Trump laid out his game plan, “First, we are ending the riots and lawlessness that has spread throughout our country . . today, I have strongly recommended to every governor to deploy the National Guard in sufficient numbers that we dominate the streets. Mayors and governors must establish an overwhelming law enforcement presence until the violence has been quelled. If a city or state refuses to take the actions that are necessary to defend the life and property of their residents, then I will deploy the United States military and quickly solve the problem for them.” He said the reason for this move was to defend founding ideals, “America is founded upon the rule of law. It is the foundation of our prosperity, our freedom, and our very way of life . . . If malice or violence reigns, then none of us is free”

The president ended his time by physically walking from the White House to the burned, but still standing St. John’s Church. He held up a copy of the Bible, a move which likely was designed to (a) show the church was still standing (b) show of power by “retaking” the property and (c) proclaim our founding ideals of God-given justice, order and liberty.

PC: Daily Caller.

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