UK Elections: Keep Brexit Moving Forward and Keep Socialist Labour from Reaching Power

Today, the British people go to the polls for another election. As well as being a second referendum on Brexit, a Prime Minister will be elected to lead the country. Two main dangers exist in this election: Brexit being stalled and Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn becoming PM. Either of these events would be detrimental to the health of the UK and the future of the West in Europe.

Brexit matters because sovereignty matters. The British people should be in control of how they spend their money, operate their military and institute laws on immigration. Brexit is a direct criticism of globalism and global bureaucracy. The UK deserves to be independent of the EU.

Keeping Jeremy Corbyn out of power is crucial. Corbyn is a socialist who rejects traditional British sensibilities and adopts a radical socialist philosophy. He is openly anti-Semitic, hating both Israel and the Jewish people. Corbyn has openly praised Islamic terrorists and has described meeting with Hamas and Hezbollah in Parliament as an “honor and pleasure.” He even hosted a call-in program on Press TV, the state-owned outlet of Iran, selling out his country for the sake of anti-West fundamentalists.

UK elections matter because they are the oldest and closest ally of the United States. We have fought together in the trenches, kept tyrants at bay and brought prosperity & civilization to a brutal world. The traditional British way of thinking feeds into much of our culture here in the US, including the use of “English Common Law” as the basis of our judicial system. To my UK page followers: we are pulling for you over here in the States. Go out and elect representatives who will keep the West alive.

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