List of Obama Officials Involved in Felony ‘Unmasking’ of General Flynn DECLASSIFIED

Acting Director of National Intelligence Richard Grenell has declassified documents relating to Obama administration officials’ unmasking of General Michael Flynn’s phone call. Grenel met with Justice Department officials last week to discuss the release, which would include key names of Obama-era officials who participated in unmasking Flynn’s name in phone call transcripts. According to a source close to Daily Wire, it is now on Attorney General William Barr to release the list. 

‘Unmasking’ is a process by which a U.S. official can request information on American citizens picked up during electronic surveillance of foreigners. General Flynn was picked up on a phone call with Russian ambassador Sergey Kislyak on December 29th, 2016. While it is not illegal for U.S. officials to request an unmasking, the classified material in the Flynn case was illegally leaked to the Washington Post. This information was then used in a Washington Post column on January 12th, 2017, which in turn led to the FBI interviewing Flynn at the White House on January 24th, 2017.

Attorney General William Barr said he believed the FBI set up a “perjury trap” for Flynn (as a result of the leaked information) and reiterated there was nothing illegal about Flynn’s phone call. Fox News reported in 2017 that the leaked unmasking could be a felony for those involved, with up to a 10 year prison sentence.

The more information comes out about the Flynn case, the worse it gets for the Obama administration. Remember, we were never supposed to know about this. The way this works is (a) Flynn is investigated and condemned by the FBI & intel community (b) he pleads guilty to protect his family (c) his name is disgraced and we never know what happened. Grenell is taking a bold step against the “deep state” in declassifying this list. Hopefully, Barr releases the list to show the American people the seedy underbelly of the D.C. establishment. This could be the biggest American political scandal in recorded history.

PC: Daily Wire. 

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