Violent Men Have Always Kept our Nation Free

Throughout the history of the United States, peace & justice has been kept through precise violence upon evil. Slaves were freed because men were willing to go into bloody warfare. The world does not live under the Third Reich because 18-year old American men were willing to take up arms against Nazis. These men still exist today.

Over the weekend, President Trump announced U.S. Special Forces had killed Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, leader of the ISIS caliphate. Baghdadi was a monster who beheaded opponents, burned people alive in cages while live-streaming on the internet and raped dozens of women. He also took sex slaves, including American aid worker Kayla Mueller. She was subsequently imprisoned, raped and murdered. Baghdadi was both their leader and inspirational founder . . . crafting much of the evil philosophy of ISIS.

U.S. special operators flew low and fast to a compound in which military intelligence put a high probability of Baghdadi residing. They were met with gunfire, but U.S. forces returned fire and eliminated the threat. Once at the compound, U.S. forces breached a wall to avoid booby trapped doors and entrances. After the wall was breached, ISIS fighters were engaged and killed inside the compound. Two ISIS fighters were captured, while 11 children were taken into custody by U.S. troops. Baghdadi was chased down a tunnel by specially trained dogs, where he ignited his suicide vest, killing himself and three children.

You will never know these men. They will never be given a parade. They will not receive a fancy award on a stage in California. Even the families of these brave fighters won’t know their son or father took heroic actions to bring violent justice to an evil man. Tomorrow, we will go on with our peaceful lives. They will go back to their work of defending the United States’ interests all over the globe. God bless our soldiers, fighters and “toxic” men for the work they perform in the shadows.

“People sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf.” ~ George Orwell

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