Why We Stand for the Flag

I wake up every day excited and grateful to be living in America. When I see an American flag, I am humbled by the figures in history who have traded their time, luxuries and lives to give us an exceptional nation. The flag represents the unique ideas upon which our country was founded. It represents our accomplishments and growth as a nation – always striving to be a light to the world. It’s an homage to those who choose to sacrifice their lives so freedom can live another generation.

Colin Kaepernick embodies an ideology opposite of gratitude and thankfulness. I would argue it’s an ideology that fundamentally hates the United States. As a former quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers, he created controversy by kneeling for the national anthem for every game and on one occasion wearing socks depicting police officers as pigs. After each instance, his defenders would come to his aid: “He is not disrespecting the flag or country, he is simply protesting police brutality.” However, this year Kaepernick stopped the production of a new line of Nike shoes with the Betsy Ross flag embroidered on the side, claiming the flag is “racist.” Kneeling has always been about the flag. It’s always been about our nation. Kaepernick and his apologists want this philosophy to become mainstream in our generation.

My vision for our generation is one of gratitude, thankfulness and respect. I want to be the generation that measures the value of our liberties by the cost that has been paid. Countless American soldiers have fought and died for our freedom. Police officers go to work every day willing to die to defend our freedoms by keeping our streets free from anarchy and chaos. Our founders risked their fortunes and lives to give us the experiment of America. We go to school, create businesses and have thriving families on the backs of selfless heroes.

The American flag is greater than the fabric and color it holds. May we never forget the price paid for the soil we stand on and the ideas that have made us exceptional. If you are an American, you have won the lottery of life. Always stand for the anthem and thank a veteran.

Photo Credits: Associated Press.

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