Gen Z Will Save America from Socialism, Globalism and Political Correctness

I believe history will remember Gen Z as the greatest generation since WWII. 

In the 1960s, young people rebelled against their parents conservative views – today’s Gen Z is turning away from their parents left-wing viewpoints. Young conservatism is becoming the new counterculture. 

Generation Z is considered to be the generation following Millennials, born between 1995 and 2015. Since this generation is still young, much of the workplace and societal data is still to be gathered. Yet, trends are showing Gen Z is much more conservative than their preceding generation, the Millennials. As a generation, Millennials are known for lack of work ethic, entitlement, and a love of socialism. Gen Z will be defined as the generation that breathes life into free market capitalism, classical liberalism and social conservatism. 

Why Socialism, Globalism, and Political Correctness is the Battle of Our Generation


Socialism is a driving force behind millennial thought, especially in large urban areas. 51% of millennials view socialism in a favorable light. Phrases like “the rich do not pay their fair share,” “healthcare is a human right” and “I have a right to free college” may sound familiar, and are repeated by those favorable to socialism. As Winston Churchill stated, “Socialism is the philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance and the gospel of envy.” 

Profit incentive has given us the greatest culture and living standards in history (see a blog post I wrote on the subject). Pushing collectivist and socialist ideas in the face of unbelievable American prosperity and wealth demonstrates an ignorant view of history. Destroy the American capitalist system, and you destroy motivation for advancement. Free market capitalism is foundational to the success and greatness of America. 


Globalism has many definitions, depending on the source. Google defines globalism as “the operation or planning of economic and foreign policy on a global basis.” While this is a good definition, it’s incomplete and misses some cultural implications. 

Globalism should also be defined as a fundamental lack of allegiance or pride in one’s nation. Coastal elites in places like California, New York and Washington love the concept of globalism. This is why they celebrate multi-national bureaucratic organizations like the UN and EU. They scoff at the middle of the country, known for flying the American flag and harboring American values. They blame America for all wrongdoing in the world. They use phrases like “why can’t the United States be more like Europe?” Radical multiculturalism is celebrated instead of insisting in the assimilation of American ideas. Globalists believe we should “never assume our American culture is superior” to other nations, including in the third-world. 

Patriotism is the opposite of globalism. Citizens who love their country create a stable society willing to defend itself and its ideals. American patriotism includes people from every skin color, ethnicity, gender and walk of life – as long as they pledge allegiance to the ideas that make us great. Unfortunately, patriotism has become a “thing” for baby boomers to talk about nostalgically. They decorate for the Fourth of July and have a “God Bless America” bumper sticker. Patriotism has become quaint and old. 

Love of country cannot be old fashioned. It must stir at the heartstrings of each person who calls America “home.” If Gen Z can become the generation willing to carry the torch of American pride, they can pull America out of the slide towards globalism. Pride in America, our values and our history is what will keep us on the path of greatness. 

Political Correctness
You might be wondering why I am so critical of political correctness. After all, isn’t it the same as politeness? Who would have an issue with being polite in society?

A few examples of how you can be politically incorrect include: 

  • Misuse of gender pronouns or holding to a traditional view of gender, both of which permit you to be criminally prosecuted in Canada and the UK. Canada passed bill C-16 which criminalizes misuse of any gender pronouns. In the UK, a mother of two was jailed for calling a biological man who identifies as a woman as a “man.”
  • Criticism of the scope and nature of “climate change.” This is considered to be uncaring, unscientific and unprogressive.
  • Rejecting the notion of “white privilege.”
  • Criticism of aspects of the religion of Islam. Anything outside of full acceptance for all and every belief in Islam is considered bigotry.
  • Support of American law enforcement. This is considered racist and discriminatory towards minorities.
  • Criticism of illegal immigration. Again, this is considered racist.
  • Use of language that humanizes an unborn child in regards to abortion. Using terms like “unborn,” ”baby” and “fetal heartbeat” are incorrect and offensive (as outlined in this NPR guideline)
  • Holding traditional views on gender roles within marriages, families and society. For example, if you make a statement such as “it’s better for little boys to play with trucks than dolls,” this is considered incorrect and offensive. 

These are just a few examples. 

Political correctness will kill American creativity, humor and free speech. It replaces the social grace we extend to each other with bitterness and hostility. It’s fascism, disguised as politeness. Thankfully, Gen Z is fighting back against a politically correct culture. 

Why Gen Z is going to Save America

As I mentioned before, Gen Z has grown up in a culture obsessed with political correctness. Their parents, teachers, and professors scold them into having the “correct” leftist thoughts and actions. 

In March of 2019, an interview was conducted by YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki and co-founder of Recode, Kara Swisher. In this interview, Swisher was horrified to find her 13 year old son watching videos of conservative commentator Ben Shapiro. Using a common tactic of the Left, she proceeded to label Ben Shapiro and other conservatives as “Nazis” for having opinions that disagree with her own. 

“My son, who is 13 years old, started watching Ben Shapiro videos. And he’s like the gateway drug to the next group. And then it goes right to Jordan Peterson, then it goes down and in three clicks he was in Neo-Nazi stuff. It was astonishing. And then I had to listen to it at dinner.”

She proceeded to state if she was in charge of YouTube, she would ban Ben Shapiro on the platform. 

This kind of response is reminiscent of a cranky, churchgoing old lady. Political correctness has become the new church scold. Thus, Gen Z is being turned off to politically correct culture through the same authoritarian scolding people had for the children of the 60s. They are consuming YouTube videos of conservatives and thinkers like Ben Shapiro, Jordan Peterson and Joe Rogan – much to their parents’ chagrin. 

Gen Z is also influenced by online capitalists, including ecommerce site owners, YouTube entrepreneurs and gamers who stream for a living. Entrepreneurs like Gary Vee use Instagram to teach hard work, how to make money and how to think clearly about life goals. Gaming streamers like Ninja, Shroud and Lazarbeam make money by creating an entertaining product – inspiring other young capitalists to find creative ways to build wealth.

Gen Z is far more fiscally conservative than Millennials. They have seen Millennials take on massive college debt and Gen X and Baby Boomers take on large mortgages and credit card debt. Seeing these problems, they tend to avoid debt and own a debit card rather than credit cards. 

On the issue of abortion, there is evidence that young people are far more anti-abortion than their parents. 53% of Millennials think abortion should be illegal in all or most circumstances. It would follow Gen Z should continue the same trend – especially with increased education and ultrasound technology. 

The Future of America Under Gen Z

Gen Z may not ever have an affinity or loyalty for the Republican party. Democrats claim to be the party of young people, but I believe those days are numbered. They hold radical positions of socialism, abortion, and enforced political correctness. Gen Z will see the mistakes of older generations and reject their premise. 

I am hopeful for the future of America – but its a future for which we must fight. We must be engaged in the culture war, winning the hearts, minds and votes of the youngest Americans. As President Ronald Reagan said “freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction.” I believe Gen Z will be the generation to save America the cultural suicide of their predecessors. 

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