Keep the West Alive, One More Day

Our Generation is Tasked with Saving Ourselves from Ourselves

The Western concept of government, society and individual liberty is rare. Self-governance is not a result of an accident, misstep or freak of nature. Developing a country which balances the rights of individuals and an ordered society is a delicate task. Only a handful of countries in history have come close to achieving this goal and only America has perfected the pursuit. Every day, this type of governance is under attack – both from outside & inside forces. The nuclear family, healthy communities and the concept of God as the moral authority are hated. These same people want to resist the Good, reject tradition and sneer at ordered liberty.

The UK had a historical vote last week, putting the future of the country on the line. Brits went to the polls with a choice between international multicultural socialism or national free market sovereignty. They had a choice between a bureaucratic and godless EU dictating the direction of their economy OR their friends, neighbors and local leaders making these crucial decisions.

There were two major leaders in each ideological direction: Jeremy Corbyn of the Labour party and Boris Johnson of the Tory party (considered conservative). Corbyn is an unapologetic terrorist sympathizer who fundamentally hates the roots of Britain. Johnson believes in the greatness of the British people, and that democracy must be respected with a Brexit follow through. Brexit, the British independence from the European Union was on the line.

The Brits voted overwhelmingly for Boris Johnson, who represents the concept of British national sovereignty, economic empowerment and the rejection of anti-Semitism.

What makes last week’s election so powerful is the magnitude of the stakes. The UK has been on a culturally suicidal course. The left wing government has been punishing those who criticize the growing cancer of political correctness. Socialist policies have been forced upon the people. Their identity as a culture and nation has been forcefully stripped from their hands, converting Britain from a proud empire to a international footstool – existing only to forward a globalist ideal in the halls of the EU. The landslide election for the conservatives means another chance for the UK to roll back regressive polices and take back their culture.

I believe the election in Britain should be an inspiration to our country and our generation. Our culture is regressing to the point that we don’t know why we exist as a nation. Our generation can step up to stop our suicide as a culture. We can be the conduits through which our civilization is saved.

I see conservative politics through the lens of tragedy. Freedom will ultimately die. America will go away. Traditions will be lost. Progressives will win in the end.

But not today.

Not next week.

Not next year.

Each day is an opportunity to keep hordes of Leftists, politically correct vultures, creeping cultural rot and institutional Marxism away from the gates of our families, communities, America and the West. Brexit, the 2016 election of Donald J. Trump and last week’s landslide vote in Britain share a common theme: everyday people making a conscious effort to save their country.

You will be berated by the media. Called a racist. Scorned for not properly “celebrating diversity.” Told you are a deplorable bigot.

This is when you know you are heading the right direction.

Our generation has an uphill battle. The toxicity of Leftism saturates our social media, classrooms and friend groups. Bernie Sanders, a card-carrying socialist, is held in high regard with Gen Z and Millennials. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, another socialist and intersectional feminist, has 4.1 million followers on Instagram – mostly sourced from the Gen Z and Millennial category. Social justice, intersectional feminism and socialism are gaining traction in our country and culture. Drag kids and Drag Queen Storytimes are becoming mainstream.

At times it may feel like everything is heading in the wrong direction, and to a certain extent, this is true. We have lost many battles, especially in our culture. This is why our generation craves leftism: it has been forced into everything. High school classes, YouTube influencers and the social media are pumping out progressivism at an enormously high speed. Couple this with parents who often forgo their responsibility to teach fundamental life principles, and the result is a culture that has left the shaping of our worldviews to agenda driven Marxist teachers.

So what is the solution? Fight in government and fight in culture. Become a Wartime Conservative. Refuse to cede cultural or political ground to the progressive Left. Get married. Raise a family with balanced kids. Become a leader in your community, town and state. Start a business. Go into filmmaking or YouTube streaming. Become a doctor and promote policies that help life flourish.

Not everyone will be called to public positions. We need people to be the backbone of social fabric in our communities. Drive a truck, manage a gas station or stock shelves to put food on the table. Become a school teacher. Shovel snow for your elderly neighbor. Go to church. Teach your kids the value of America, our founding and the role of virtue in their lives.

Use your freedom to create good. Do your part to make your country great. Take back our culture, because the West is worth saving.

Our country was founded by relatively young men and women, with several dozen of the members in their twenties. They took on the global superpower of the British Empire with the guidance of Providence. . . and won. Our generation can do the same: take on the Leftist empire . . . and win.

As Generation Z and Millennials, we have a duty to save ourselves from ourselves.

We fight on, one more day.


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