Wartime Conservatism

Will Chamberlain, editor-in-chief of Human Events, wrote a brilliant article titled “Against Peacetime Conservatives” in May. It articulated the criticism Trump voters have for “Never Trump” conservative thought-leaders and GOP politicians. Those who pulled the lever for Trump see them as spineless, apologetic and unwilling to stand up to the Left. Chamberlain uses an analogy of “wartime” and “peacetime” conservatives, and explains why an aggressive and winning stance is needed in the conservative movement.

Peacetime conservatives worship self-defeating principles and refuse to use any government power to save our country. They are willing to be decimated in politics as long as they retain a noble image in the eye of the media. They see themselves as “too principled” to vote for a President like Donald Trump. When accusations came from the media against the Covington Catholic boys that the boys were “racially bigoted,” they seethed with anger, when in fact these boys were innocent. Peacetime conservatives believe optics and manners take precedent to winning. 

Wartime conservatives believe our nation is under attack from the Left. They have a pragmatic view of politics; remaining neutral will end with the utter destruction of both the conservative movement and the American experiment. Wartime conservatives vote for Donald Trump because they are willing to risk their image to defend the sanctity of the unborn, retain American freedom and uphold the greatness of our country. They know the media has an agenda and propagates incredible lies and are willing to call it fake news. They will disbelieve knee-jerk reporting based on a Leftist narrative. Wartime conservatives will use the government to stop Marxists from corrupting children, the economy and the founding of America. 

Dangerous times call for courageous men and women to make tough decisions. Politicians may not encapsulate every moral standard or policy position you wish they would hold. However, the current political climate calls for us to swallow our pride and recognize the stakes. Wartime conservatives are willing to battle the Left for the future – fighting to keep freedom & America alive one more day.

Below is my detailed game plan for Wartime Conservatism in 2020. Share on social media if this is the future YOU want to see on the Right.

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