Republicans Reject Bill to Protect Children from Gender Surgery Mutilation

The worst trait of the Republican Party is bowing down to the media and folding under emotional pressure from the Left. South Dakota is a very red state; Trump beat Hillary in 2016 by a whopping 30 points. Both U.S. Senators and South Dakota’s Representative are Republicans. There is a 6-to-1 ratio of Republicans to Democrats in the State House. South Dakota should be a powerhouse of conservatism.

Despite this right-wing stronghold over politics in South Dakota, a bill designed to protect children from harmful hormone treatment was defeated in a Senate committee hearing on Monday. House Bill 1057 would have made it a crime for doctors to prescribe hormone treatments and perform gender reassignment surgeries on youths. The issue was voted on by the Senate Health and Human Services Committee, with a final tally defeating the bill 5-2. The committee has 7 members, 6 of which are Republicans. The motion to defeat the bill was made by REPUBLICAN Wayne Steinhauser, calling it a “gut wrenching” issue, but one that should be “left to families.” Much of the pressure to defeat this bill came from transgender activists packing into the hearing and the ACLU threatening to sue the state if it passed HB 1057.

This is yet another example of weak Republicans ceding the moral ground to the Left, leaving the community’s children at risk of lifelong mutilation. We elect Republicans to places of power to battle harmful, Leftist ideology from destroying children, homes and communities. When they defeat an important bill like this of their own accord, it is immensely frustrating.

This should be a lesson to our generation of influencers and politicians: become resolved in your convictions. Do what is right for the future of your constituency, not what is emotionally or socially expedient.

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