Why the U.N. Sucks and Should be Defunded by the United States (yes, even in 2022)

The United Nations (U.N.) is a pompous, backward, and self-serving bureaucracy. Ever since its founding, it has been used to push biased policy prescriptions and publically bash the United States standing in the global arena. We will explore why the U.N. is terrible and should have funding removed by the United States.

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in October of 2019 and has been updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness as it relates to the new Biden administration and facts regarding the United Nations.

Brief History of the United Nations

President Franklin D. Roosevelt at the United Nations Declaration in 1945
President Franklin D. Roosevelt at the United Nations Declaration in 1945. // U.S. Embassy in Georgia

The name “United Nations” was coined by progressive President Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1942. The official birth of the United Nations happened in 1945 when a charter was ratified by the USSR, China, France, the UK, and the United States, among others. Its headquarters was located in New York City, New York. The decision to create the U.N. was in response to a world war that ravaged the European continent and gave an appetite for peace to all nations on the globe. 

U.S. Presidential Approaches to U.N. Relations from 2000-Today

President Bush (2000-2008)

President George W. Bush addressing the U.N. General Assembly
President Bush addresses U.N. General Assembly. // State Department

President George W. Bush came into office following the presidency of Bill Clinton. President Bush’s relationship with the U.N. largely revolved around the national security concern of terrorism. In November of 2001, Bush addressed the U.N. regarding terrorism in the wake of the September 11th attacks on the World Trade Center. He asked the international community to pledge their resources and efforts to the fight against terror. 

President Obama (2008-2016)

President Obama addressing the U.N. General Assembly
President Obama addresses U.N. general assembly in New York. // Politico

The main focus of President Obama’s appearances to the U.N. centered climate change, terrorism and fears of the Ebola virus in Africa. He addressed perceived Russian aggression on the Ukrainian front. He talked about ISIS and a plan to remove their power from the Middle East. In September of 2016, Obama gave a farewell speech encouraging the members of the U.N. to accept their roles as “stakeholders in this international system”

President Trump (2016-2020)

President Donald Trump addressing the U.N. General Assembly
President Trump speaks before the United Nations. // Politico

The United Nations and President Trump had had a famously hostile relationship. His administration removed funding from a variety of U.N. affiliated agencies, including the U.N. Population Fund in an effort to prevent the promotion of abortion as a contraceptive method. The administration negotiated a $258 million cut to overall U.N. funding. President Trump announced the United States would remove itself from the World Health Organization (WHO) in 2020 citing Chinese influence during COVID-19. The President was famous for battling globalism in the face of cultural and economic elites.

President Biden (2020 – Present)

President Joe Biden addressing the U.N. General Assembly
President Biden addresses the General Assembly of the U.N. in NYC. // CNN

The main focus of President Joe Biden has been to reverse many of President Trump’s official positions in relation to the U.N. After the inauguration, Biden stopped the planned United States exit from the WHO. Many of the organizations would receive full funding similar to the Obama era. Biden told the U.N. General Assembly in September of 2021 he planned to double climate change funding.  

3 Reasons Why The United Nations Sucks (and Should Be Defunded)

There are three main reasons why it would be in the geopolitical interest of the United States to remove funding from the U.N. This is from a conservative perspective concerned about America’s national interests. 

Statistical Bias Against Israel

map of Israel with borders marked

The U.N. Human Rights Counsel has adopted 138 resolutions to criticize individual countries for “violations.” 68 of the 138 have been targeted against Israel, the freest, most peaceful, and prosperous democracy in the Middle East. China, North Korea, Venezuela, Iran, Egypt, and Cuba have never been condemned for human rights violations. Weird, huh? 

From 2012-2015 the U.N. General Assembly has had 83 of 97 critical resolutions targeting Israel. They have no criticism of Hamas, an actual terror organization targeting Israeli civilians. Hamas is located in Lebanon, RIGHT NEXT to Israel. The World Health Organization adopts one critical resolution per year – Israel is the nation that receives this condemnation every time. 

The United States Funds 1/5th of the Budget, Despite Being One of 193 Countries in the U.N.

The U.N. has historically drawn 1/5th of its revenue from the United States, despite having 193 countries involved. This disparity creates the self-evident observation that the United States is contributing too much – especially considering the lack of benefits we receive. When the United States funds the U.N., it funds its own ideological opponents.

united states funding of united nations infographic
United States funding of the United Nations budget infographic.

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United Nations is an Outlet of Globalism

world globe with all nations flags representing globalism

Globalism is a perspective that views the world through the lens of the “global” rather than “national” or “regional”. Globalists view each nation’s economy, affairs, and laws as being subject to a greater, multinational authority. While this authority tends to be decentralized (for now), the ideology of globalism lies deep inside those who hold these views.

The stated purpose of the United Nations is to “maintain international peace”, “develop friendly relations among nations” and “promote social progress”. Their global perspective results in a Left-wing or Neoliberal response to issues like climate change. 

Agenda 2030

Agenda 2030 is one such manifestation of globalism. It’s a plan developed by the central planners of the U.N. to set a blueprint for the future of the world. Several of these goals include “reducing inequality within and among countries” using legislation, fiscal policy, and regulation. While nations may debate the level of taxation and social responsibility among themselves, is it really appropriate to have a multinational organization dictating these things to sovereign countries?

Free migration and open borders

The U.N. has called for open migration. As an organization, they believe migration to anywhere, from anywhere, for any reason is the only moral position. In a global pact from 2018, they outline how it is the responsibility of every nation to inform, accept and settle all migrants who enter a country. Recently, the U.N. Refugee Chief called on President Biden to open U.S. borders to migrants.

U.S. policies criticized  

U.S. policies have been hammered by the international community for years – especially under a Republican president (though under Democrats, too). Bureaucrats who work in the U.N. (especially from Europe) are vocally committed to global governance, open borders, population control, arbitrary penalties for global warming, destruction of capitalism, and redistribution of wealth. The United States is seen as an obstacle to its goals for the globe. 

U.N. belives they are in control

The United Nations is the poster child for “globalism”. They believe they have a mandate to regulate and guide global affairs. They believe a farmer in Ohio should be forced to live his life under the bureaucratic guidance of a chardonnay-sipping member of the EU. The biggest concerns are things like “migration”, “climate change” and national “inequality”. Their solutions, properly understood, would not be supported by the average American. 


The United Nations has little utility for the patriotic citizens of the United States. We spend tax dollars and debt proceeds on an organization that is actively trying to undermine our national autonomy and independent vision. President Biden should follow in the footsteps of President Trump and cut funding to this multinational organization. He should use the early months of 2022 to reevaluate our relationship with the U.N. and pull back from our entanglement. 

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