We Need a Timeline for Coronavirus Action

Small Business Closing

The American way of life is coming to a grinding halt over coronavirus. Events are cancelling, businesses are shuttering and people are locking down in their homes. But how long can we stay this way? Our main-street economy cannot remain in stasis forever. There are mixed messages on the local, state and federal levels. President…

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3 Survival Tips for the Great Coronavirus Shutdown

3 Survival Tips

We are living through an unprecedented, unsettling time. This is the first time our generation has seen mass shutdowns, cancellations and quarantines. A vast diversity of opinions exists as to the severity of this issue and what our responses should be. Very few have the complete information picture and even fewer have the answers. But there…

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Super Tuesday 2020: Establishment Left vs Socialist Left

Super Tuesday States

Today, Democrats in 14 states will go to the polls to select their preferred nominee for President. This will be the first real test of coalitions around the country. In order to win the nomination, a nominee must have 1,991 delegates. Super Tuesday provides 36% of the total delegates needed to win, thus making today…

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