Debate Night: Biden Punches Back

South Carolina Democratic Debate

Seven remaining Democrats laced up their boxing gloves and went after each other under the lights in Charleston, South Carolina. The first 20-30 minutes of a debate are crucial because viewership tends to decline after this window of time. Here is my analysis from the first section of the debate. The night began with the…

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The Unsung Hero of Trump’s Success

Ted Cruz & Donald Trump

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) is an unsung hero of the Trump administration. Cruz originally ran against Donald Trump in 2015-16 within the Republican Party. Putting it mildly, it was a brutal campaign season. Presidential candidate Trump did not treat Cruz well. He made off-color comments about his father, wife and family. Cruz also lambasted Trump…

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NYU Professor the Architect of J31 Subway Protests

NYU Subway Protests Professor

Amin Husain, 44, is a professor at NYU and the co-founder of Decolonize This Place. His work and “activism” promoted a social media campaign to “f*ck sh*t up” on the last day of January. The assault on New York City’s MTA system resulted in 13 arrests and $100,000 in damage. These criminal anarchists poured glue…

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President Trump Attends Daytona 500

FLOTUS Daytona 500

President Trump attended and acted as the Grand Marshall for the Daytona 500. This is only the second time a sitting president has been invited to act in this capacity. Trump arrived in Air Force One, buzzing just 800 feet above the racetrack and giving NASCAR fans a rare look at the powerful aircraft. Fans…

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Mike Bloomberg is a Threat to Trump & GOP

Mike Bloomberg 2020 Campaign

Smart political analysis requires thinking outside the box. Mike Bloomberg is a candidate in the Democratic Party but is only polling around 14% nationally. Traditional media on both sides of the aisle see Biden, Buttigieg, Sanders or even Warren as the biggest threat to Republicans. However, Mike Bloomberg is actually the biggest threat to the…

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Man Intentionally Crashes Van into GOP Registration Tent

Gregory Timm Mugshot

Police in Jacksonville, FL say a driver intentionally crashed a vehicle through a voter registration tent where GOP volunteers were working on Saturday. The individual, reported to be a white male in his 20, was driving an old brown van. Duval County GOP volunteers reported that the man drove through the tent and made an…

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Radical New Bill Protects Immigrant Criminals from Deportation

ICE Detaning Criminal

A new bill sponsored by 44 House Democrats is probably the most extreme legislation proposed since the Green New Deal. Ilhan Omar and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez are also backing the bill – yet it’s getting very little attention. This new bill would rethink the traditional foundations of immigration and citizenship rights. It explicitly allows criminals to…

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