Violent Men Have Always Kept our Nation Free

US Special Operators

Throughout the history of the United States, peace & justice has been kept through precise violence upon evil. Slaves were freed because men were willing to go into bloody warfare. The world does not live under the Third Reich because 18-year old American men were willing to take up arms against Nazis. These men still…

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Freedom is Always One Generation from Extinction

American Freedom

Oppressive tyrants, bloody war and living in constant fear is the rule, not the exception. The United States is a historical experiment in radical freedom. Our founders brilliantly crafted a government which prioritizes the rights of the individual over the tyranny of a monarch or demands of a mob-ruled, pure democracy. They created amendments entitling…

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Jesus is King: Why Kanye West Can Shift American Culture

Jesus is King

Kanye West, famous rapper, pop culture icon and businessman, released a gospel album last Friday titled Jesus is King. The release was preempted by Kanye hosting “Sunday Services” focusing on aspects of the Christian gospel. Each song in the album centers around fundamental aspects of Christianity, with titles such as “Every Hour,” “Selah” and “Jesus…

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YouTube De-Ranks Democratic Candidate Tulsi Gabbard

Tulsi Gabbard Democratic Candidate

On Tuesday, Steven Crowder (host of Louder with Crowder daily show) broke a story regarding Democratic candidate Tulsi Gabbard’s YouTube channel. Crowder broadcasted from his livestream and laid out allegations that YouTube is meddling in the US election process. Gabbard is a bit different from the other candidates because she is slightly more moderate, served…

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Why Mitt Romney, Justin Amash and David French Miss the Point

Mitt Romney

All three of the listed individuals are prominent in the conservative community. Mitt Romney is a Republican Senator from Utah and ran for President back in 2012. Justin Amash is a former Republican representative from Michigan who left the GOP to become an independent this year. David French is a well-known former columnist at the…

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Canadian Elections 2019: Censorship is on the Ballot

Canada Election 2019

Our northern neighbors are having a federal election today in which they will decide their future Prime Minister. Running for reelection is head of the Liberal party, Justin Trudeau. He was embroiled in a national scandal several weeks ago when footage of him in blackface emerged from his early professional days. Known for an emphasis…

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ABC Shows Fake Footage from North Syria

ABC Fake Syrian Footage

The mainstream media might be the worst institution in the United States – even worse than public education and the universities. They have the ear of the country and routinely use their influence to push raw political narratives under the guise of truthful reporting. Most of the time, they report on true stories but cherry…

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Project Veritas Exposes CNN Bias

CNN Atlanta

Links to Project Veritas are at the bottom of this article. Project Veritas is a journalistic organization that specializes in undercover whistleblowing. On Tuesday, Veritas released a massive bombshell with recordings and video from inside the media center and executive offices of the CNN corporation. Cary Poarch, CNN satellite uplink technician with many connections inside…

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Columbus Day 2019: Why Christopher Columbus is a Hero


Christopher Columbus has become a cultural villain in the eyes of the woke Left. Cities, states and universities all over the United States have voted to replace Columbus Day with so-called “Indigenous Peoples’ Day.” They believe that continuing to recognize an antiquated day celebrating a European who participated in “mass genocide” and “colonization” would be…

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Trump Can Win Minnesota in 2020

Trump Rally in Ohio

A little background: I am from the western part of Minnesota, near North Dakota. I’ve lived in the area from birth through age 20, so I have an anecdotal “pulse” on the culture and politics of the state. Traditionally, it has been a state with some of the best voter turnout in the country –…

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