POLL: 58% of 18 to 34 Year Olds Embrace Socialism; Majority Believe God, Patriotism and Having Children is Unimportant

Democratic Socialists Marching

An ABC article entitled “Some young Americans warm to socialism, even Miami Cubans” was published over the weekend. Covering the generational shift taking place in American politics, it speaks about young Americans wanting socialism in their country. The article follows a young Andy Vila, who is the son of Cuban immigrants. His family fled the…

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The Coming Storm: Big Tech Bias & Social Media Censorship of Conservatives

woman silenced by social media bias

The internet has changed humanity forever. Our world looks almost indistinguishable from our parents’ or grandparents’ world. Politics, relationships, religion and work are all fundamentally changed. To have a public voice, you must be online. America’s 2020 Presidential election will be one of the most contentious and divisive events in modern American political history. Turnout…

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Ninja is Building our Pro-Life Future

Ninja Stream

During a Fortnite Twitch stream in June, Ninja (real name Tyler Blevins) explained his mother was advised to have an abortion by doctors and medial professionals – all because they theorized he might have “spina bifida or Down Syndrome.” His mom said no and went forward with the birth. Several months later, Ninja was born…

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Why We Stand for the Flag

Wife Grieving Fallen Soldier-min

I wake up every day excited and grateful to be living in America. When I see an American flag, I am humbled by the figures in history who have traded their time, luxuries and lives to give us an exceptional nation. The flag represents the unique ideas upon which our country was founded. It represents…

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