ABC Shows Fake Footage from North Syria

ABC Fake Syrian Footage

The mainstream media might be the worst institution in the United States – even worse than public education and the universities. They have the ear of the country and routinely use their influence to push raw political narratives under the guise of truthful reporting. Most of the time, they report on true stories but cherry…

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Project Veritas Exposes CNN Bias

CNN Atlanta

Links to Project Veritas are at the bottom of this article. Project Veritas is a journalistic organization that specializes in undercover whistleblowing. On Tuesday, Veritas released a massive bombshell with recordings and video from inside the media center and executive offices of the CNN corporation. Cary Poarch, CNN satellite uplink technician with many connections inside…

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The Coming Storm: Big Tech Bias & Social Media Censorship of Conservatives

woman silenced by social media bias

The internet has changed humanity forever. Our world looks almost indistinguishable from our parents’ or grandparents’ world. Politics, relationships, religion and work are all fundamentally changed. To have a public voice, you must be online. America’s 2020 Presidential election will be one of the most contentious and divisive events in modern American political history. Turnout…

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