Roaring 20’s: Launching a Decade of Cultural Change

Roaring 20's

Happy New Year! As we step into a brand new decade, it comes with a tangible excitement and a longing for what is to come. In the world of politics, this is an extremely important year: we are less than 11 months out from a massive election. We are having crucial battles over abortion, the…

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Keep the West Alive, One More Day

Saving the West

Our Generation is Tasked with Saving Ourselves from Ourselves The Western concept of government, society and individual liberty is rare. Self-governance is not a result of an accident, misstep or freak of nature. Developing a country which balances the rights of individuals and an ordered society is a delicate task. Only a handful of countries…

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Jesus is King: Why Kanye West Can Shift American Culture

Jesus is King

Kanye West, famous rapper, pop culture icon and businessman, released a gospel album last Friday titled Jesus is King. The release was preempted by Kanye hosting “Sunday Services” focusing on aspects of the Christian gospel. Each song in the album centers around fundamental aspects of Christianity, with titles such as “Every Hour,” “Selah” and “Jesus…

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